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Victim’s friend identifies accused cab driver in Delhi Uber rape case

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The ripples that were conceived last month haven’t settled down yet. Last month, an Uber driver was arrested for sexually assaulting a 27 year old woman passenger while driving her to the destination point.

The victim’s friend, Ayush Dabas, who booked the ride for her that night has identified the accused as the driver of the vehicle in which she was allegedly raped. Since the ride was booked by him, all the details that included the photograph, mobile number of the driver and the registration number of the car were sent to his mobile phone through Uber’s app.

Before the victim woman stepped into the car, Ayush verified all the details and and also the face of the accused from the photograph on the app. Furthermore, he cleared that neither of them were in a drunk state on the night when this shameful incidence happened.

As testified by Ayush Dabas-

It is wrong to suggest that I had talked to the woman before 2 AM or that I had threatened her not to disclose to anyone that I had physically assaulted he. It is wrong to suggest that I did not meet her after the incident till now as I was afraid that she would disclose it to anyone about my act of physically assaulting her and I would be implicated in the case.

The woman has already identified the accused as the driver of the vehicle in which she was allegedly raped. The identification by Ayush Dabas makes the case more stronger against 32-year-old Shiv Kumar Yadav, the driver alleged to rape the woman.

It was also found that the accused, Shiv Kumar Yadav was not subject to a background verification check by the company and did not possess a driving license issued by the Delhi Transport Authority, which is a statutory requirement for driving cabs in the capital of the country.

Also, there was no GPS in place and the only way to establish a connection with the cab was merely through an application that was installed on the cab driver’s phone.

Following this incidence, Uber and other car hailing services that worked on similar model had to halt their services in India due to strict government’s orders.

Uber marked its return on Indian roads this week by applying for a license under Delhi Government’s freshly passed Radio Taxi Scheme and complying with all  of the other legalities and is currently running its services on a no-profit model.

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