Twitter has just started rolling out two vital features for it’s mobile platform. You can now upload videos and share them from within the main app along with the ability to send a message to an entire group.

Twitter had promised some new features last november and both the group direct messages and video upload features seem to be a part of that plan. It’s not that these features weren’t rumoured about, but it’s good to finally take a look at them in the main app.

The video tool will allow you to capture a video (by going into the video mode) and edit it before having the option to share it on the microblogging site. There will be a pop up that will ask you to edit the video, just like it does with the photo option, which will let you perform some basic editing options on your video before sharing it. The videos will be incorporated within the tweet and you will need to tap on the video to watch it.

There is a time limit for the video, that is, the video can be as long as 30 seconds only. iOS users can upload videos from their camera roll while the Android users will have to wait for this feature to roll out in the upcoming updates of the app. It’s interesting to know that some of the celebrities have already been using this feature before it started rolling out globally.

The group direct messages (DMs) will allow messages being shared between more than 2 people at a time. This implies that Twitter has now entered the era of group messaging. Users can send DMs to people who follow them. The other members of the group do not have to follow each other to receive the DM.

You can even share a whole tweet in the direct messages.  The introduction of the group DM feature now means that Twitter will be hosting a full fledged messaging app within it’s main app. There may be a possibility that Twitter rolls out a separate messaging app, following in the footsteps of the Facebook messenger, if they it feels like providing a better messaging experience to it’s users.

These video upload feature will roll out for all users in a few days while everyone can participate in group chats when invited.


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