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Microsoft unveils Windows 10 and loads of other stuff : Here’s what all happened

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Quite rightly, it was the Windows 10 day today. Microsoft took the wraps off its freshly minted Windows 10 OS at its Redmond, Washington campus, with an attempt to rouse back that loosing interest in world’s most popular operating system. Windows 10.

Replacing the Start menu with the Start screen, big interactive tiles, slide-out menus and full-screen apps all made Windows 8 great on a touchscreen device, but frustrating at best on a desktop or laptop with a keyboard and mouse.

Microsoft has finally addressed your emotions and has spared no expense to make this new iteration of Windows, feel like a companion. With the return of a few in-demand old features along with the addition of new ones, the new Windows offers immensely satisfactory user experience.

The latest iteration of Microsoft’s operating system, the first under new boss Satya Nadella, replaces the unpopular Windows 8 and brings in a hoard of new features, including your beloved ones since the time of Windows 7.

Though Microsoft already provided a taste of brand new version of Windows, the Redmond giant now serves you complete dish with extra toppings.

A free upgrade to Windows 10 is coming to all Windows Phone 8.1 devices, naturally, while the OS will be made free to all the Windows 7 users after completion of its first year.

Terry Myerson, executive vice president of the Operating Systems group at Microsoft said during the event-

In the first year after Windows 10 is available, we’ll be making available a free upgrade to Windows 10 to all devices running Windows 8.1.

A free copy of Windows 10? Well, that’s a huge carrot for folks who are on the fence of shifting on to a new operating system. However, you obviously have to be a ‘genuine’ Windows customer for that to happen. Just telling you, in case.

Furthermore, Joe Belfiore, Corporate VP, Operating Systems demonstrated how the Continuum will work. The tool is supposed to automatically know what peripherals are plugged in and what device type you’re using. Continuum is as simple as a pop-up prompt. 

Using a Surfac Pro on stage, Belfiore said-

Because this is running a full version of Windows, it’s a full PC, the device can be docked to a keyboard and mouse and a large screen.

I’m going to be showing you builds that are not finished,

Guess what? Yes, Microsoft also staged the integration of its voice assistant Cortana into Windows 10 and yes, its flawless and smooth sailing. It understands everything you say and acts accordingly, just like a loyal companion. To add to your amazement, Cortana can speak 7 different languages. Well, the Redmond giant is confirming all of the speculations that we reported one after another.

Microsoft wants Cortana to feel like a “trusted assistant,” and Cortana is even aware of that fact herself. Cortana will help autofill your local desktop searches, similar to a Google search autofill function. Cortana capability will be rolling to Windows Insider soon.

Belfiore added-

We didn’t want to take only the phone experience and put it on the PC. We wanted to educate Cortana about PC kind of things so that she would be uniquely helpful.

Microsoft also unveiled the Windows 10 OS for its mobile line up. Showcasing the working of the new OS  on Lumia 1520 smartphone, Belfiore outlined the basic features that the new OS has brought along.  The tiled interface is still intact here on Windows 10 for mobile.

We’re building in support to the messaging app for VoIP systems such as Skype can be elegantly integrated,” said Befiore. Everyone on a mobile operator network and Skype will be on the same platform, built into messaging and calling. 

On behalf of the Microsoft further discussed on some universal apps. These will be apps that can be designed for one platform that runs across devices, even the Xbox. A lot of Windows Phone fans have been disappointed with Microsoft’s apparent lack of support for their own platform, so universal apps are going to be huge.

“Since we have this rapid evolution on the Web ... we think it’s the right time to build a new browser”, said Belfiore. Isn’t that’s enough to get a hint of what is talking about? Yes, the new browser code named Spartan. Spartan has a new rendering engine, a new look and feel to fit in with Windows 10. Furthermore, Spartan has a real-time annotation feature. It can work with touch and non-touch devices. 

Spartan has a reading mode, similar to Apple’s Safari, that formats articles in a way that’s easier to read. It also has a reading list, another favourite of other modern browsers. Content in the reading list will save offline and syncs to your account using Spartan on other devices like phones and tablets.

Hold on, Microsoft is further building Cortana right into Spartan. Cortana would listen your instructions and scour web to to present the relevant information.  Belfiore said-

The assistant will pop into Spartan at the right moment, he adds, to be helpful in both simple situations and in nuanced ways that might surprise you a little bit. For example. Cortana autofills a search for the airline Delta with Belfiore’s wife’s flight information pulled from his other apps. 

Spartan will come a little later to Insider builds and then a little later after that to phones.

Microsoft further pulled the sheets off the new Xbox app for Windows 10. Xbox Live has more than 50 million members. The app lets you share videos from your Xbox and keep track of what’s happening in your gaming circles with Activity Feed, a Facebook-style recap from your friends’ list.

Phil Spencer, Xbox head said-

On console, we’ve seen millions and millions of these clips shared,” Spencer said. “We thought about how we could bring this technology right into the OS itself.

This one is breathtaking, Microsoft is bringing out DirectX 12 that would cut the power consumption in half. This means you can play ultra high quality games in your devices without upgrading your hardware. Moreover, the devices will also support cross-play mode once the new OS is adopted. You establish a link between, say, your Surface Pro 3 and your Xbox One and you’ll be able to stream even console-exclusive games like Forza Horizon 2.

Exhausted? Microsoft dowsn’t seem to stop. here’s another announcement. Microsoft launched its Surface Hub, an 84-inch 4K display with built-in cameras, speakers, mics, Wi-Fi Bluetooth, NFC. Microsoft calls it a device that would “unlock the power of the group in the workplace.”

It has the ability to capture anything on-screen and save a copy of the same in any kind of supporting document. Further, it  natively runs Skype for Business, letting you video chat with multiple participants and split the screen appropriately.




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