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Apple patents image modification tech which activates by sound, motion or location

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Apple has been granted yet another patent and this one may irk up Instagram and other photo-editing apps a little bit. The new patent, titled “Image Altercation Techniques“, task about adding Instagram-like image effects to your photograph, though detection of sound, motion

First spotted by PatentYogi, the patent describe a feature of automatically adding effects to photos based on cues, motion or your location.

Generally, disclosed embodiments may provide techniques for applying one or more image alteration effects to image data that is displayed on an electronic device. In certain disclosed embodiments, the application of such image alteration effects may be triggered based upon various detected device operation events, which may include audio-related events,motion-related events,location related events, or events relating the imaging properties.

The selection of triggering device event and a corresponding image alteration affect may be defined by a user through a set of user preference settings on the electronic device.

Simply put,the technique will automatically add effects to your photos based on certain criteria and without any sort of input. While the effects could be applied automatically, the patent explains that users would be able to define when they were triggered in the photo app’s settings.

The patent credits Aram Lindahl and Kelvin Chiu as its inventors.


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