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Google Search is now showing links to your favourite brands’ social profiles

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Google doesn’t want you to go away from its search results pages. That was pretty evident when it started listing lyrics on the results page itself and when it started testing a buy now button. Continuing that, the search giant has now started displaying links to your favourite brands’ social profile on the results page itself.

Though this feature has already been prevailing for celebrities and other important people since November, famous brands and companies will also find their social profile links appearing in the Google Search from today. The social profile links are extracted by Google straight from the brand’s information card and displayed  on the right side of the Search page.

Though it is obvious that Google wished to maintain its dominance over the search engine market, but these curent measures aren’t just for that dominance. Aprt from its traditional rivals, Google also faces rivalry from social networks. Social networks are increasingly becoming a search engine in themselves. Facebook recently removed Bing results from its search, to beef up its search engine platform. It last year made its Graph search available on mobile too, thus allowing you to search between posts made by users.

Google earlier started to show music lyrics at the top of its search results pages when searched. Simply put, the company wants you to stay longer on its pages. Reports surfaced of Google being in talks with various retailers about creating a “Buy” button, which would function in a similar fashion as Amazon’s “one-click ordering” feature.

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