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Samsung starts mass producing ‘world’s first’ 8Gb graphics DRAM to meet 3D gaming requirements


High-end DRAM production has been Samsung’s strong point for a long period of time. Now, to further that dominance, Samsung has today announced that it has started the bulk production of world’s first 8Gb graphics DRAM in order to meet the demands of high quality 3D games and other ultra high definition content.

The DRAM as big as 20-nanometres, runs four times faster than the current DDR3 DRAM which is has started struggling to support the present era 3D games. The new graphics DRAM would be able to deliver an extensive amount of bandwidth so that it can process large high quality graphically-oriented data streams.

The memory operates with an I/O data rate of 8 gigabits per second (Gbps) per pin, and each chip can process data at 32-bit I/O rate.

With this new 20nm 8Gb GDDR5, Samsung has completed its line-up of 8Gb DRAM solutions based on its cutting-edge 20nm process technology, covering the server, PC, mobile and graphics memory markets.

Joo Sun Choi, Executive Vice president of Memory Sales and Marketing at Samsung Electronics, said-

We expect that our 8Gb GDDR5 will provide original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with the best graphics memory solution available for game consoles as well as general use notebook PCs. By expanding our production of 20nm-based DRAM products including the new GDDR5, we will meet increasing global customer demand and take the lead in accelerating the growth of the premium memory market. 

Samsung indeed foresees a future where high-performance, high-bandwidth graphics memory would be in demand and might aid its plunging smartphone business to some extent.

The Korean giant also aims to keep expanding the production volumes of its 20nm DRAM products at a variety of densities including 4Gb, 6Gb, 8Gb and higher densities to solidify its dominant position in high-end IT market segments.

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