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China blocks 50 websites and social media accounts on grounds of policy violation

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China, continuing with its unwavering censorship regime has today blocked 50 websites and social media accounts citing varying instances of insubordinate behaviour that span from pornography to violation of rules.

Chinese government is keeping an hawk-eyed view towards the content which is passing through Chinese internet domain and is drastically shrinking down any content, which goes against its conservative communist policies.

The notice posted on Cyberspace Administration of China website says that services offered by 17 public pages on WeChat, 9 channels on websites and 24 complete websites have been totally turned to dust and will face a permanent barre from now on.

The notice also mentions an offence that states about publishing political news on the websites that are within Chinese boundaries without a permit. Yes, in China, you need to obtain “permits” to publish political news online. Bizarre ,

Authorities further threatened of shutting down other websites if they are found violating  any of the rules that the Chinese government has imposed.

China, earlier this year, spread desolation across the country by blocking  nearly 1.8 million accounts on social networking and instant messaging services under the shadow of its anti-pornography campaign. Most of the accounts closed were associated with microblogs, smart phone app WeChat and the instant messaging service QQ.

This is not the first time that China’s Great Firewall has projected its  brutal treatment in terms of censorship. Instagram, the popular photo sharing service, also faced a ban in China due to the pre-democracy protests that happened in Hong Kong. The move appeared to be a consequence of people posting photos and videos on social media sites, including Instagram, showing Hong Kong police using tear gas in an attempt to clear protesters off the streets.

News about China’s intense censorship programmes aren’t breaking stories anymore. Moreover, China’s has lately been even more aggressive with its anti-US stand on companies based out of States. Facebook is still thriving to establish its presence in the country. China has also been acting pretty much anti-Google for decades now and has blocked core Google services like Playstore and YouTube within the country.

It recently blocked Gmail too (though Government denied allegations), only to be unblocked in a few days’ time. Unfortunately, Twitter and Snapchat are also sailing in the same dangling boat with zero presence in the Chinese mainland.

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