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Apple showcases ‘self-opening’ iPad smart covers at its Regent Street store in London

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Apple is rather showcasing some kind of magical stuff at its iconic Regent Street Apple Store in London. The Cupertino giant has designed “a set up” that makes its new iPad smart covers to open and closes on itself, yes, without any sort of human interaction.

But since every magician has a few tricks up his sleeves, same goes for Apple’s ‘magical’ smart covers. Apple appears to be using magnets (or real magic maybe ? ) to make this self-opening and closing possible. This is indeed the master trick that the Cupertino giant is using to call attention to its new storefront.

Impatient to know about the technical part that drives the whole thing ? Here it is then.

Basically, Apple has used a set of magnets that is embedded on the iPad covers and possibly beneath the shelf that forces iPad covers to open and close automatically. No iPad smart cover open and closes on itself without external support. We are still in the 21st century.

This trick has obviously drifted a significant number of curious people to Apple’s storefront and inspect about the trick that is most certainly eye-catching. However, they might feel deceived later on. This trick comes in at a time when Apple is concerned about the declining iPad sales that it clocked last quarter. This is merely an effort to change the flow of the wind.

The $39 accessory, like every other smart cover, employ magnets to automatically wake or sleep the device when they’re lifted off or put back on the front of the devices while showcasing some beautiful fluorescent colors.

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