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Mark Zuckerberg to host first International Q&A session on January 14

Mark Zuckerberg
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Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced via a post today that he will be hosting his first-ever international Q&A session from Bogota, Columbia on January 14th.

Zuckerberg will appear in the session on behalf of Internet.org, the non profit initiative that kicked off last year directed towards global availability of Internet connection. Zuckerberg may also make use of this session to answer some questions about Facebook as an international product and about the social network’s plans for making video a better and more significant part of the Facebook experience.

As written by Zuckerberg in his post-

These Q&As are an opportunity for you to ask me questions, and for me to hear from you how we can make Facebook better. This Q&A, I’m looking forward to hearing from more people who use Facebook in Latin America. To ask a question, go to the Q&A with Mark page and just comment on the post. To vote for a question, just like that comment. I’ll answer questions for about an hour and try to get through as many as possible. We will post the video of the Q&A on the page and I’ll post some video highlights here as well.

The last session that was held on December 11 raised certain questions of whether Facebook would ever add a “dislike” button.. Zuckerberg cleverly dusted it off  saying the company is thinking about it, but would probably never do so.

As for Internet.org, it is an initiative  that provides free Internet services like Google Search, Wikipedia and, of course, Facebook to people in developing nations to connect and get access to basic information. Earlier, Facebook hired Andrew Bocking, ex-head of Blackberry’s BBM for the Internet.org project as the product manager to oversee Internet.org app.

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