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Sony has delayed the China launch of PlayStation 4

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Sony has delayed the launch of its next generation PlayStation consoles in China without citing any specific reasons.

The delay includes the flagship PlayStation 4, hand-held game console PlayStation Vita, accessories and related gaming software. Though Sony hasn’t divulged any specifics, primary reason for the delay is considered to be the ongoing negotiation between Sony and Chinese regulators, who are highly concerned with the “mental variations” that the gaming consoles could have on China’s youth. Under the rules of the FTZ, all the games in the country must pass inspection by cultural authorities.

China is the world’s third-largest gaming market, with gamers spending $15 billion last year on PC, mobile and online games. The country lifted the ban on the sales of gaming consoles that it imposed in 2000. PlayStation 4 is the first gaming console by Sony that is being introduced to China since the ban was lifted. However, the company seems to be experiencing hard times doing so.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 has been a resounding success for the Japanese giant. The latest iteration to Sony’s PlayStation series of gaming consoles, PS 4 has been out-selling its counterparts in almost every market it has been introduced in till date.

Analysts say that Sony is more agitated by the fact that Microsoft’s Xbox received a clean chit in China and had already initiated its sales in September. Xbox had to face similar woes when it tried to step in the country once the ban was lifted.

The console was supposed to launch for the first time in China on January 11th. No new date has been provided by the company so far. That isn’t a surprise though, considering the fact that Sony itself might not be sure of releasing the console in China

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