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Apple is planning a radical redesign of its MacBook Air

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Apple devices top the competition when it comes to speculating the Cupertino giant’s futuristic moves. Apple is now reportedly working on a 12-inch MacBook Air with a completely new design and sleeker than ever before, says 9to5mac.

The report by 9to5mac describes a new 12 inch MacBook Air that is thinner than both the current 13 and 11-inch models. Furthermore, the 12-inch version is said to be  quarter-of-an-inch narrower than the 11-inch version and an equal dimension elongation in terms of length since this is a 12 inch model.

Apple will also reduce the display bezels to a great extent to accommodate the larger display, yet maintaining the size and width. The function keys and arrow keys have been redesigned, and the keyboard sits completely edge to edge on the palmrest. It’s smaller and narrower and the trackpad doesn’t have the same clicking feedback.

Apple has eliminated a lot of extra space on the side of the device. There’s a gradual decrease in the sitting distance of the keyboard keys as well. Apple is making every possible effort to revamp the design and make its new Macbook more and more compact.

It is further rumoured to include a single USB type C port – a new design that allows both power and other addons to work through the same connector. The new USB Type-C connector is smaller, faster, and more capable than the standard USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports on existing computers and eliminates the need of standard USB ports. Apple is also using minimal amount of ports to hold on the sleekness factor and make its as light weighted as possible.

Since the new 12 inch Macbook air is fan-less system, Apple has inculcated four redesigned speaker grills above the keyboard that acts as ventilation holes. The report also states that the new 12 inch Macbook air will ship in mid-2015.

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