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Delhi-Based Video Q&A Platform “Frankly.me” Raises $600,000 From Matrix Partners

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Delhi-based video Q&A platform Frankly has received a $600,000 investment from Matrix Partners, that would aid the company to carry its on going development and mark its presence in the Indian market.

Frankly.me is a video Q&A platform that serves the purpose of connecting people with public figures and raise the level of engagement between them. The company hopes to make a major splash at Delhi ‘s Assembly elections next month. The company further claims that many of the VIPs ranging from singers to political leaders have already registered themselves for the service.

Frankly’s founder Nikunj Jain says that there isn’t a similar platform in India and Frankly will be successful enough to gather people’s attention. Further claims include the coming aboard of 1000 to 2000 new users everyday since the launch of Frankly last week. He further added-

We are very focused on how we can impact the elections in Delhi this year and the idea is to launch the product as well as we can in the next few weeks and get it out of beta. We are trying to create a place for more meaningful conversations that have more than 140 characters. We believe YouTube is a great platform for hosting and broadcasting, but it’s not a conversation platform. It’s a one-way communication tool.

Though the website is in beta mode, it features a user friendly and likeable interface. The company seeks to gather as much users as it can to rocket up its presence in the country and will later consider to make amendments (such as linguistic) to its business model that would suit people belonging to different regions.

In fact, these changes will become highly important considering India is a vast country incorporating a hugely diversified population. The key aspect of a successful platform  is to be good enough to satisfy demands and needs of every kind of user. These all will be considered as Frankly expands its services and gathers a considerable user base.

Talking about its uniqueness, there is no such known platform in India till now. It is a much appreciable effort by the founders Nikunj Jain and Abhishek Gupta, who have come up with a service that would allow people to have their questions answered by the celebrities or other important public figures themselves, rather than through a discussion which is mostly limited to a group of people and holds no authenticity.

It is an equal treat to celebrities and leaders as it allows them to come down to earth and connect with people, know about their popularity and make changes to their working model accordingly.


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