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Apple patches the security flaw that allowed hackers to access iCloud accounts

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While the world was busy celebrating and welcoming the new year, this hacker named Pr0x13 (as on GitHub) surprised Apple with a rather bizarre gift. The hacker released a tool on GitHub called iDict that he claims could be used to break into any iCloud account.

Apple has finally brought a sense of relief to those billions of users agitated by the possibility of their iCloud accounts getting hacked. It has patched the hole that the tool exploited to gain access to the iCloud accounts, says Businessinsider.

iDict implements an exploit that is able to bypass restrictions countermeasures designed by Apple to prevent account hacking. The tool also claims to be able to evade Apple’s rate-limiting and two-factor authentication security that is supposed to prevent brute force attacks.

The tool basically repeatedly guesses user passwords on the basis permutation and combination theory. iDict’s capabilities are limited by the size of the dictionary it uses to guess the password.

It hits the rather obvious passwords and mess up the account on gaining access. Well, you need not to worry any more in this regard, Apple has already patched the flaw and immobilized the tool.

Apple has been boasting of its shatter-proof security system for decades. In fact, this is what we boast of every-time we introduce Apple devices to a less knowledgeable person or, perhaps, an Android user. We need to reconsider our claims maybe ?

Interestingly, this is not the first time that Apple has got stained by security breaches. Recently, a whole wave of leaked nude images surfaced the web wide-spreading a deadly havoc among the Hollywood stars. The scenario termed as ‘Fappening;  took over the entire web system in seconds and garnered intensely harsh criticism for Apple.

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