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Apple patents communicating stylus for digitalising your handwritten notes

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Apple has today been awarded a fresh patent (Patent No. 8,922,530) for a “Communicating Stylus”  that serves the functionality of transforming had-written data in to its digital form that can further be projected onto a digital device. (via Appleinsider)

Apple’s new patent relates to a stylus signal detection and demodulation architecture that can allow for the stylus, display, and touch to be synchronized with one another.

The stylus is fabricated with accelerometers, wireless communication hardware and on board storage to store the transformed image and necessary data until it is transferred to a relevant digital device. The accelerometers and other other motion sensing hardware indicates the stylus, also termed as Smart Pen, about its current three- dimensional orientation. These motion sensing hardware are are also the key units to wake the device up, though it can be accomplished manually also.


The key procedure of tracking and scanning the image is carried out by the stylus nib, which is initially set at zero position. Nib can be dragged on to the paper and any change in the position of the nib is virtually recorded and the data is processed accordingly. Stylus offers the transmission of the stored data to a single as well as multiple iOS devices at predefined intervals or continuously. The device also follows the aspect of slimness and provides extraordinarily smooth transmission with iOS device.


Apple’s new patent also includes the alternative multiple transmitter and receiver configurations for location triangulation, embedded magnetometers for gathering orientation data and various nib layouts for writing with ink, graphite and other materials.

As touch sensing technology continues to improve, touch sensitive devices are increasingly being used to compose and mark-up electronic documents. In particular, styli have become popular input devices as they emulate the feel of traditional writing instruments.

For a company that supposedly has no interest in a stylus, it’s amazing that this year alone they’ve applied for ten new patents covering this type of a device. It’s evident that Apple has plans of introducing a next-gen smart pen at some point in the future.

The patent has been credited to Aleksandar Pance and was applied for in 2010.


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Be a part of a thriving community of core-tech, no-nonsense readership in India. Subscribe to our post-by-post updates, right here.