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The Interview pulls in $15 million in Online sales during the first four opening days

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Despite its availability being limited to online audience and a few hundred theatres, the much controversial movie “The Interview” pulled in $15 million during the first four days of its launch.

The movie has been available on online platforms YouTube, Google Play and Microsoft Xbox since Christmas Eve, as well as on a website, set up specifically to show the film. Today, Apple also made The Interview available on iTunes for $14.99. The Interview was rented or downloaded over 2 million times since hitting the Web on Tuesday, said Sony. Though, the actual number of audience is much larger as the movie has been downloaded million times through torrents thus also getting an unwanted title of being one of the top illegally downloaded contents.

Sony might be regretting its earlier plan of aborting the release of the movie which came out of the fear of grave threats made by the hacker group. The movie has since received mixed reviews with some calling it a complete comedy blast and other terming it a failed, over-humorous comic attempt. The movie was obviously not received well by the Koreans since it depicts the virtual assassination of North-Korean leader Kim Jong-un by two TV hosts.

After four days, “The Interview” ranks as Sony Pictures’ highest-grossing online release of all time. It also surpassed the revenue generated by recent VOD successes such as “Snowpiercer,” which earned $7 million on demand, as well as “Arbitrage” ($14 million) and “Bachelorette” ($8.2 million).

However, Sony spent some $40 Million in film’s making, apart from $30-$40 Million spent on its marketing and actors fees. Overall, Sony has suffered a huge financial loss due to the cyber attacks. If the attack had not happened, the movie was expected to generate $20 million on the day of its opening alone. The present figure does not seem to go anywhere near around though.

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