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Uber Strikes Back with new “safety” measures : An attempt to get legit ?

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As Monday approaches, heart rate of Uber administration is on a steep rise. Why ? The Transportation Department hearing which will determine whether Uber is to continue its services in the National Capital or not is scheduled for Monday.

In a bid to evoke public support and arouse sentiments among ardent Uber lovers (if any), the multi national start-up has played smart by starting an online petition to support Uber with the hashtag #BringUberBack.

Along with the same, Uber has introduced some brand new safety measures for commuters across India. Uber claims, in the e-mail circulated to its registered users, “

We’ve been working around the clock to make Uber in India even safer and we wanted to take this opportunity to clarify how Uber works and to update you on our progress.

Here are the newly introduced features on Uber, with the sole objective of creating a better public image to get legit again –

  • Police Verification: Re-verifying all Uber Delhi driver-partners have an authentic and valid police verification
  • Document Verification: A local team of specially-trained safety experts to detect fraud, verify and authenticate driver/ vehicle documents and test the validity of our screening
  • Background Checks: Going above and beyond required government verification, we’re engaging local and global experts to evaluate the most effective background screening solution across India; pilot programs are already running in select cities, including Delhi
  • Incident Response Team: A local and dedicated customer support center that will specialize on resolving critical issues for our rider and driver community in India
  • In-App Safety Features: An enhanced ShareMyETA button is the first of a whole set of new integrated Uber safety features coming to India. ShareMyETA allows you to send your complete trip details (including live GPS tracking, driver photo, name and vehicle license no.) to your loved ones

These features were long due on an app based system such as Uber. The immediate resolution of the customer complaints are an urgent necessity, which I believe after a personal experience of a screwed Uber drive in New Delhi, which resulted in a missed train. Despite the complaint registered with Uber, absolutely no follow-up had been taken, which left me utterly disappointed. An addressed complaint and a few words of comfort always do magic to a dissatisfied customer and Uber should have worked on this long before. But I would still keep an optimistic view and say “better late than never“.

After the recent rape incident, police verification and background check had to be brought in place by the cab company and has now been introduced as per the e-mail. The in-app safety features which let you send your journey details to your loved ones can prove to be a blessing in disguise for the Indian demographic and can be really helpful for women travelling at odd hours.

If Uber sticks to its words and works towards refurbishing its “unethical” image, it definitely has the potential to do wonders in the technology driven transportation ecosystem. But the question is if this is actually a legitimate attempt to get safer or only a publicity stunt to become legal by garnering pubic emotions, 3 days before the department hearing.


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