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Oracle continues its cloud shopping, announces Data-as-a-Service orchestrater Datalogix acquisition

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Oracle has announced its acquisition of Datalogix, a consumer data collection company that helps to track consumer purchasing patterns.

Based out of Denver, Colorado, Datalogix provides online, direct mail, and mobile services to their clients. The company’s primary objective is to obtain and track offline and online data purchasing behavioral patterns, with the use of information obtained from retailers’ loyalty card programs. This information is used to help advertisers maximize ad campaigns that will potentially increase profits.

Facebook being one of the clients, improves its advertising with the help of the data gathered. Other clients includes 82 of the top 100 US advertisers, including PepsiCo, Kraft, Unilever and Lenovo.

Financial terms are still wrapped under the sheets and the transaction is subject to regulatory approval. According to Oracle –

Oracle and Datalogix’s Data as a Service cloud solutions will provide marketers and publishers with the richest understanding of consumers across both digital and traditional channels based on what they do, what they say, and what they buy. This will enable leading brands to personalize and measure every customer interaction and maximize the value of their digital marketing.

Oracle interest in cloud based services has been ever-increasing. In August, it acquired TOA Technologies (TOA), a leading provider of cloud-based field service solutions that optimize the last mile of customer service for enterprises by coordinating and managing activities between dispatchers, mobile employees and their customers.

DataLogix acquisition will give Oracle, the right ammunition to compete with other, rapidly growing digital marketing solutions, specially SalesForce. Oracle has been in a struggle lately, as far as competing with these services are concerned. DataLogix, with its sophisticated Data as a Service orchestrating services may just be the right cloud computing tool for Oracle, which recently took analysts by surprise when it reported a growth in profits through its cloud-computing platforms.

Oracle reported a 45% jump in its profits, as compared to previous fiscal, with its cloud-computing profits reaching an astounding $516 Million.


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