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Facebook launches new app which allows you to put stickers on photographs

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Facebook has just rolled out a whole new app named, Stickered for Messenger, solely dedicated to play around with stickers and bring out the hidden kid in you.

The new application lets you pick a photo, resize and paste a Facebook Sticker on top and share it with your friends via Messenger. It’s completely up to you whose face you choose to put those big funny stickers on. Facebook says

The holidays are an important time for people to be connected with their friends and family and Messenger is an easy way to coordinate activities and keep in touch.

Facebook is also introducing new holiday-themed sticker packs to the regular Messenger app. Selfies have become a whole new trend and an inevitable part. Facebook has aimed right at the target and didn’t forget to add a festive frame for your New Year’s Eve thus adding animations that turns Chat Heads on Android into little snow globes.

Facebook has also updated Messenger to improve speed and add small icons showing who has seen users’ posts. Stickered for Messenger will be available on the Play Store later today, and is coming soon to the iOS App Store.

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