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Tech-News reporting website Ars Technica falls prey to cyber attack, gets hacked


While we were already occupied with Sony Entertainment Studio’s woes, here comes a brand new infiltration. Popular technology news portal Ars Technica found itself dumbstruck following a minor hack yesterday.

Since, there’s not much to steal from a web portal, the hack seems to be targeted to make Ars Technica inaccessible. The site’s front page, for a brief time, showed a black page rather than an interactive news array, with a text “Ars Security” popping up certainly to tease the people in command. Hackers also left a number of Twitter handles (maybe as a token of love). To disappoint you less, hackers even managed to add up a soft music on the front page until the site came back online.

The hack happened to be visible at only certain coordinates of the globe. According the The Verge, the infiltration could be a DNS attack that typically involves re-routing a site’s address to another location. Microsoft, Twitter and The New York Times have been through the same phase earlier.

Despite of the dozens of security that the high-profile portals design and integrate to themselves, hackers still find a way to break in.

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However, the site is now fully restored and is functioning normally. Strangely, the website hasn’t published any article related to its hacking or detailing the entire attack.

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