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Microsoft announces Windows 10 event for January 21st

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Microsoft, after dispensing its users quite a lot about Windows 10, is now holding an event to unveil the next chapter of its upcoming operating system. It had recently released the last build, 9879 to the developer preview, though an unofficial Build 9888 got leaked too.

The event, scheduled to be held on January 21, would mainly be a discussion about consumer-focused features that the operating system will bring along with it. Earlier, the unveiling of Windows 10 in September was focused more on business applications and experiences. Now that the company has gathered enough attention, its reaching out to a consumer level to lure them to switch over to Windows 10, when available.

If you were expecting a worldwide launch of Windows 10 this soon, disappointment is all what you will get for now. Microsoft has not  imparted even scant details  about the release of the complete package.

Windows 10 has promised to bring back many of those old features from Windows 7, that users felt familiar with, such as the Start button and Recycle Bin, as well as direct boot up into desktop mode. At the same time, the new operating system will be more tightly integrated into Microsoft’s mobile operating system, the Windows Phone platform.

Windows 10 will also allow users to work with multiple desktops,making it easier for the power users who need multiple desktops to grab apps from multiple desktops and move them around. You can even maintain different desktops for your home use and office work.

The event will be held in Redmond on January 21 and a live broadcast will be provided.

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