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Bose Products are now back on Apple stores

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Bose audio products. which had bid goodbye to Apple retail stores back in October, are now returning back to their old habitat soon. First spotted by 9to5 Mac, Bose Speakers are now listed on Apple stores after being removed earlier.

Expulsion of Bose’s products from Apple Stores resulted out of the ongoing rivalry between Bose and Beats audio, which is now owned by Apple. The company also filed a lawsuit accusing Beats Electronics of infringing on several patents related to noise cancellation and other audio technologies with its Beats Studio and Studio Wireless headphones.

Bringing back Bose’s products on the shelves of Apple store might be a direct outcome of the settlement between the two parties. However, no statement has been provided from either side. Earlier, Apple also pulled Fitbit fitness accessories from its retail and online stores in November, without explanation.

While Apple’s Beats and Bose are fierce competitors, the Bose name remains a big draw for customers. Apple surely would not want to dump that potential profit.

According to sources, Apple retail stores have begun receiving shipments of Bose products with orders to put the products back on store next week. The popular SoundLink III will also see its returning to the stores and  will be sold alongside the Beats audio products as earlier.

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