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Apple receives ‘Lens Array Projector’ patent through its PrimeSense acquisition

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Apple Inc. is looking to bring in body gesture controls (via Apple Insider) to its devices, through an acquisition it made last year. The Cupertino giant plans to accomplish this by making use of the resources and abilities of PrimeSense, the Israeli firm it acquired in November 2013.

Today, Apple was assigned patent rights for a ‘Lens array projector’, that revolves around the physics of light projections and optical components of a 3D mapping sensor system, the key system for tracking body gestures.

PrimeSense is a semiconductor company that provides products in the area of sensory inputs for consumer and commercial markets. It is best known for licensing the hardware design and chip used in Microsoft’s Kinetic motion-sensing system for the Xbox 360.

In an optical projection system, beams of light are transmitted onto a patterning element, which in turn emits the resulting pattern of light onto a subject surface. An imaging sensor records the pattern as it falls across volumetric shapes and feeds data to a processor that calculates distortion and other metrics. Outputting is represented as a three-dimensional map of the scene.

Apple’s new patent that is supposed to serve the objective of gesture tracking, is a better solution for creating a uniformed patterned light in an optical projections system. This would surely provide more accurate gestures and heightened fluidity . The projector will be highly sensitive to variations and will hold the ability to track every minute movement. Basically, the whole objective is to devise such a system that is precise and recognizes your gestures in one go.

Coming over to the applications, Apple’s new technology can be integrated to Apple TV, Mac which will surely bring in a whole new experience. You can hop from one video to another by simply waving your hand and much more. That’s right, your hand will hold the power of a remote control.

A no. of devices actually provide this service in the current time, but users generally end giving up on the annoying gesture service and prefer to use the normal pointing device. Here, we are talking about an unparalleled experience of using gestures and that is what Apple is trying to achieve. Adding this to the Apple TV, which has been long forgotten by apple and lacks new upgrades, will fire up the sales of its next iteration when launched.

Though, iPhone enjoys all the up to date technology integrated to it, Apple can possibly add this system to its upcoming line of iPhones as well.

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