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Yet another ban on Uber and this time, its Netherlands

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In yet another ban for the over $40 Billion valued online transportation service Uber, a dutch court today orderd the company to stop taking bookings from its smartphone app. It faces a fine of approximately 80,000 pounds.

The Trade and Industry Appeals Tribunal in The Hague on Monday ordered Uber to stop providing the service known as UberPop, which it said broke a law which requires drivers to have a special commercial licence.

UberPop, the smartphone application used to set up rides, allows its users to transform into an Uber driver from a private driver by simply following few registration steps. The Commercial Appeals Court in The Hague sided with the Ministry of Transportation that Uber’s “UberPop” service violates current taxi laws, which are under review.

On continuing the service, drivers for UberPop will be fined €10,000 ($12,300) for violating the order, while Uber itself will have to face fines of up to €100,000 ($123,000) per violation.

UberBlack and UberLux, which uses licensed taxi drivers remains permissible in the region. The court also rejected a proposal by Uber to allow UberPop to operate until the actual case is decided.

Uber’s woes are not limited to just injunctions and bans. The ride-sharing company is also facing legal actions in India as one of its drivers has been arrested for sexually assaulting a 27 year old woman passenger.

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