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KakaoTalk goes incognito, launches new ‘Secret Mode’

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Daum Kakao, the makers of South Korea’s popular messaging app Kakao Talk, has launched a new Secret Chat mode, to add privacy and protection following the recent outrage over user privacy violations.

The company has also created a “Leave and Decline Invites” option, wherein users are able to permanently leave the chatroom and not be re-invited back.

Secret Chat mode is a service that employs  end-to-end encryption on all messages shared between the users. The decryption key for chat messages is stored in the user’s device making the messages readable, only to the users involved in the conversation.

Other parties cannot access conversations through any outside point—even through servers. For now, this service is applicable for one to one conversations only and options for group chats will be available soon.

This feature has been rolled out in order to hault the descending user base that Kakao Talk has been sighting. A number of privacy concerned users exited since the fact came to light that the messaging service was assisting government prosecutors to tap into messages.

Kakoa Talk has around 150 million active users, that accounts for 95 percent of smartphone holders in South Korea. This surely gives an idea how popular the messaging service is among Koreans.

Earlier, the company also talked about introducing self destructing messages. However, end-to-end encryption overruled their previous objective. Privacy has recently been a a matter of great concern for various IM apps. Recently, Whatsapp too rolled out  end-to-end encryption on all WhatsApp text messages in partnership with WhisperSystems.


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