We have known this for quite some time now that Amazon is working on its first ever smartphone and reportedly it is said to launch it soon.Though the date of the official launch is not yet known but the specifications of the smartphone have HP0-J67been leaked on the Internet.

According to the reports by BGR,the the backside of the smartphone is quite similar to Nexus 4 with a flat surface while the front seems to be a mix of the iPhone and the range of Galaxy phones with the solitary physical home button on the bottom bezel. According to the BGR,the specifications and the images are confirmed HP2-K34 and show the exact details of the phone.

Amazon’s first ever smartphone is flaunted with 4.7-inch display,Qualcomm Snapdragon quad core chipset, the device will also come with a total of six camera sensors with five of them placed in the front (four motion sensing sensor and one front facing camera). Since this will run a forked version of Android, so the device will lack play store and users will have to rely on the Amazon App Store to download apps and games.