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Israel-based firm claims to recharge your phone in 30 seconds

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An Israel-based company claims to have developed a technology that can charge a mobile phone in a few seconds and and an electric car in a matter of few minutes, Reuters reported.

Based on nano-technology , this  battery can store a much higher charge more quickly and has the ability to retain the power for a long time. The prototype in current state is too bulky for a mobile phone, as said by the firm. A portable version is under development and will be ready by 2016 that can absorb and deliver a day’s power for a smartphone in just 30 seconds.

Doron Myersdorf, the founder and chief executive of StoreDot said-

These are new materials, they have never been developed before.

The chief investors who saw a great potential in this technology inlcudes Russian billionaire and Chelsea soccer club owner Roman Abramovich. This state-of-the-art technology is based around the creation of “nanodots”, which StoreDot describes as bio-organic peptide molecules. Nanodots alter the way a battery behaves to allow the rapid absorption and, critically, the retention of power.

Till now, $48 million from two rounds of funding has been raised by the company, including backing from a anonymous leading mobile phone maker. With the rising number of smartphones and ascending need for power, StoreDot hopes for a big market. More powerful hardware being fabricated to smartphones has resulted in  a compromised battery life, becoming a major factor for the sales chart of power banks to go through the roof .

Zack Weisfeld, who has worked with and evaluated ventures in the mobile phone sector globally. said-

We live in a power hungry world … people are constantly chasing a power outlet. StoreDot has the potential to solve this real big problem. They still have some way to go, to deal with size of battery and power cycle rounds, but if solvable, it’s a very big breakthrough.

Myersdorf said a fast-charge phone would cost $100-$150 more than current models and would ultimately be able to handle 1,500 recharge/discharge cycles, giving it about three years of life. The firm also plans to extend the same technology to create a car battery that recharges in two or three minutes, rather than current models which commonly need to be charged overnight.



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