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Microsoft is planning to bring chat to its Word and PowerPoint web apps

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Microsoft is about to introduce a new feature to Office Online which allows users to initiate conversations via Skype within their documents with multiple people.

Office Online will integrate a new feature called ‘document chat’ which will allow users to chat to one another and work collaboratively on documents. By simply clicking on the chat button in the upper right corner, users can chat with everyone working in the document, thus making it easy to communicate with people around, posted on official Ofiice blogpost.

For now, document chat is only available in Word Online and PowerPoint Online which will send notifications to users and alert them to respond as needed. When you initiate or accept a chat request, a chat panel will pop up, and it looks similar to the one you can see now in Outlook.com and OneDrive.com.


Microsoft hasn’t provided details as to when exactly the feature will be available or any information on how group chat would work.

PS: Stay tuned for a special Microsoft review soon.

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