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Samsung Launches its Milk Mobile Video Service

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Confirming earlier rumours about launching a short online video service,  Samsung this week introduced a new mobile video service called Milk Video, targeted specifically for Galaxy users. Milk Video will assist users to easily discover and share new videos that are popular online..

With the rising popularity of multimedia content, the South Korean electronics giant seeks to boost the sales of its Galaxy series.  Milk Video monitors what each of its users view, like, follow, and dismiss to push up recommendations. The company has partnered with several brands including Red Bull, Funny or Die,Vevo, and VICE, that will contribute to provide exclusive video materials for the service.

The service’s interface is designed to scroll infinitely with ease. When you click on a video, it plays in the top of the screen in portrait orientation, so you can keep browsing videos while keeping an eye on something that’s playing. The view can be turned to full-screen by positioning the device in landscape orientation.

Kevin Swint, Samsung vice president of content and services, said-

The key finding … when we looked at consumer behavior around video was discovery happens in a haphazard way. This experience being kind of random leaves a lot of people feeling like they’re the last one to see videos everyone’s talking about. … We thought we could solve that.

In addition to sources of content, it also allows you to follow friends and other users inside the app  and a mechanism of reposting videos to personal feeds. Alternatively, the app also provides an option to share the videos with Facebook and Twitter. The service is currently available only in the U.S.

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