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Customer files lawsuit against Apple over iMessage bug

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Apple’s messaging service, iMessage, is bringing in more complications for the Cupertino giant. It will now  have to face a class-action lawsuit over the matter of missing text messages. The lawsuit alleges that the company didn’t notify its customers that leaving the iMessage system and switching to an Android phone would prevent them from receiving messages from other iPhone owners.

iMessage service helps iPhone users communicate with one another over data networks and WiFi instead of using cellular networks. Users came up with an issue of not receiving text messages from other iPhone holders even after turning off their iMessage from their old device.

Thus means that the iMessages sent from other iPhone owners are still routed to a deactivated iPhone rather than being forwarded as a text message to an active smartphone.  Its been just 2 days since Apple introduced its new tool allowing users to de-register their phone numbers from iMessage and now a class action lawsuit filed in May  over the same issue will eventually drag Apple into the court.

U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh decided that Apple will have to face former iPhone owner Adrienne Moore, who’s seeking judgement in a class-action lawsuit against Apple for interfering with her Verizon service after switching to an Android phone.

Moore claims that Apple failed to reveal the fact that iOS 5 could interrupt the delivery of messages from other iOS users if she switched to a non-Apple device and is seeking unspecified damages and class-action status for the lawsuit

U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh wrote-

Plaintiff does not have to allege an absolute right to receive every text message in order to allege that Apple’s intentional acts have caused an ‘actual breach or disruption of the contractual relationship.

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