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Wish to get out of iMessage ? Here’s Apple’s solution

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11048-3644-Screen-Shot-2014-11-09-at-104529-PM-lApple has released a new tool in order to solve the problem of disgruntled customers switching away from their iPhones . This new tool aims to sought out the iMessage issue which was repeatedly being reported by former iPhone users.

Apple introduced iMessage service in 2011 to help iPhone users communicate with one another over data networks and WiFi instead of using cellular networks. In order to provide support for the service, Apple keeps track of a user’s phone number so that when another iPhone user tries to send a message, it can use iMessage instead.

User’s while switching away from iPhone had to turn off iMessage on their old devices before using sim card on a device supporting different mobile platform. However, this did not actually turn off the service for few users. Users came up with an issue of not receiving text messages from other iPhone holders even after turning off their iMessage from their old device and are now supposed to receive text messages via cellular networks. This issue grew so large that some users even filed a class-action lawsuit over the matter as they had to replace their sim cards eventually.

Apple’s new tool allows user to de-register iPhones completely, which includes imessage service too. This easy step-by-step tool guides you through the procedure to type in your phone number and input the received confirmation code in the tool window and say goodbye to this problem completely.

Here is the link to deregister your number:

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