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Snapchat might help you with more than just “snap” to “chat”

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The popular messaging app, Snapchat might offer more than just picture and video messaging service to its users in the upcoming days.

Rumors have surfaced that Snapchat will unveil a new section in its messaging app known as “Snapchat Discover” and is reportedly in talks with Spotify, Comedy Central, Buzz Feed, ESPN, CNN, Vevo and others to provide content for this new section. ESPN and Vevo confirmed to Digiday they were in conversations with Snapchat about working on the new platform.

If the reported plan comes to fruition, Snapchat would deliver wide range of content including articles, videos, music tracks, and photos. Following the current format, Snapchat would keep the content in shelf briefly before they disappear. This way it will encourage users to visit the app repeatedly to check out the new content.

Earlier, Snapchat started building stories for events allowing users to contribute videos and pictures to a common stream and now “Snapchat discover” suggests that Snapchat is on its way to grow into a larger and more interactive platform.

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