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Intel Capital invests $62 million in 16 tech start-ups

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Intel Capital, the global investment arm of Intel Corp. has invested an amount of $62 million in 16 different tech companies. The total number of companies that it has invested since 1991 is now approaching to 500 start-ups and some 700 rounds of funding.

This investment is a part of a $355 million investment in startups that the Intel is expected to make this year. This year investment is similar to the $333 million investment that Intel made last year. The investment made covers four fields–wearable devices, wireless, microprocessors, and big data and cloud infrastructure.

The investments include:

  • Avegant Corp., which makes a noise-cancelling headset that projects video onto the retina;
  • Braigo Labs Inc., which has a Lego Braille printer aimed at schools;
  • Eyefluence Inc., which has eye-tracking technology for augmented reality or virtual reality displays;
  • AnDAPT Inc., which has power management technology for businesses;
  • Audyssey Laboratories Inc., which corrects acoustical problems to improve sound quality in devices;
  • Incoming Media Inc., a spin-out of NICTA, Australia’s national research lab, that predicts how viewers consume video on mobile devices so the device can deliver more personal experiences;
  • INRIX Inc., which uses data analytics to predict traffic and reduce congestion;
  • Screenovate Technologies Ltd., which lets smartphone and tablet users wirelessly beam videos and games to their TV screens;
  • NetSpeed Systems Inc., whose system-on-chip designs enable smaller and more powerful chips;
  • Reno Sub-systems Canada Inc., which provides process control technologies for manufacturing semiconductors;
  • Gigya Inc., whose technology helps companies turn unknown Web or mobile visitors into customers;
  • Pilot TV Network Inc., which operates digital sign systems for retailers and transit stations;
  • PrecisionHawk USA Inc., which provides software and drones to collect data from the air;
  • Prelert Inc., which augments the work of data scientists with automated applications for less-trained users;
  • Stratoscale Ltd., which makes a data center operating system; and
  • Ossia Inc., whose antenna delivers wireless power to mobile devices as far as 30 feet without needing a line of sight.
  • Thundersoft Software Technology Co. Ltd., which provides tools and services to speed product development for Android devices.

Apart from this, rumour has it, that Intel is expected to invest a huge amount in Razer, which designs some seriously awesome gaming equipments for the hard-core gamer in you. We have mailed both Intel and Razer for comments, will update you, once we receive a response.

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