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5 Indian websites hacked by Pakistan based hackers

A total of 5 Indian websites were hacked by a group of Pakistani hackers , who call themselves ‘Pakistan Cyber Mafia Hackers’.

Out of the total five websites hacked by Pakistani hackers yesterday, two belonged to the Gujarat government, including the official website of Commissionerate of Higher Education — ‘www.egyan.org.in’ and official website of the Agricultural Produce Market Committee of Ahmedabad (APMC) — www.apmcahmedabad.com.

Other websites that were hacked include www.delhi-pharma.com, www.listtopcolleges.in and www.atnnetwork.in. The hackers put their logo and some text on the homepages, which read ‘Hacked by Pakistan Cyber Mafia Hackers’, ‘Feel the power of Pakistan’, ‘Pk_Robot was here’ and’Pakistan Zindabad’ and some lousy remarks for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The content was immediately wiped off and an FIR was lodged.

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