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Latest BBM update, makes it more snapchat-a-like

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In a world where Apple, Samsung , Xiaomi and other big firms seem to dominate, Blackberry strives hard to maintain its mere existence by putting more and more on its messaging service BBM’s plate.

Blackberry, known for its business oriented messaging service, has now descended a new update over BBM. This Snapchat-a-like update  introduces a timed messaging feature that lets you determine when messages and photos expire. This is a good way to keep pictures, videos messages being sent out of permanent records.

We can expect business people to do this with important grown-up topics like corporate intrigue. Though, BlackBerry says that BBM can’t protect against taking screenshots of timed messages. It is no new innovation in messaging world as few other messaging services already please their users with this feature. Since its is bundled with BBM, it might prove to be more convenient to use.

Another feature that this update brings is Message Retraction. Its is basically an “unsend” feature, which allows you to take back a BBM message, most likely because it was sent erroneously or that it’s no longer accurate. Since BBM features read receipts, you can be sure that your recipient didn’t see your message before you trash it.

Snapchat’s repeated security breaches show, just because a service promises that message is gone doesn’t necessarily mean it is. In fact, BlackBerry has been accused of archiving BBM messages in the past, and certainly has the ability to intercept BBMs if a court orders it.

BBM is more of a professional and business oriented service which quiet fails to amuse today’s generation that demands for more interactive services. LINE and WeChat have recorded an enormous adoption rate  because of their interactive services like stickers and games. Following their footsteps, BBM too generated some revenue.

Earlier, BlackBerry unveiled paid stickers for BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) tailored for Apple’s iPhones and Google’s Android smartphones and in-fact received a good response. BBM rocketed to top positions initially in terms of revenue generation after it added stickers,  costing around $2 per set. Now, with this update, it continues to keep itself relevant in the messaging world and trying not to slip permanently into an “also-ran” status.

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