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Intel owes $15 to Pentium 4 PC owners for Benchmark Manipulation

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If you have bought a computer with Intel’s Pentium 4 processor between November 20th, 2000 and June 30th, 2002 and were disgruntled by its performance, $15 is all you can claim to satisfy your discontentedness.

Back in 2000, when Intel found hard to compete with AMD processors, it allegedly manipulated its Pentium 4 benchmark scores to hide the performance gap between the two. Now, after 15 years,  a new class action lawsuit is accepting claims from consumers who bought a Pentium 4 powered PC between 20 November, 2000 and 30 June, 2002 and would make them eligible to receive an amount of $15 for their sufferings. No purchase receipt is required to claim this massive amount of $15.

The class action law suit reads,

Intel used its enormous resources and influence in the computing industry to falsely improve’ the Pentium 4’s performance scores. It secretly wrote benchmark tests that would give the Pentium 4 higher scores, then released and marketed these ‘new’ benchmarks to performance reviewers as ‘independent third-party’ benchmarks

Considering enormous amount of Pentium 4 processor-powered desktops which were sold over the years, this lawsuit could end up costing Intel millions of dollars. The lawsuit will also see that Intel donate $4 million to education non-profits.

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