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[BREAKING] Moto 360 Gold Edition leaked on Amazon!

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moto 360

Hold on to your Wallets! Its not yet official, but according to a rad spotting done by The Verge, Amazon had accidentally tipped a brief appearance of the champagne gold Moto 360 with a matching metal band.

Till now, Moto 360s were available to be shipped in two color options , silver and black  and with only leather watchstraps. When Motorola first announced the Moto 360, the company mentioned their plans to offer metal watchbands but no specific date was provided. This short term listing on Amazon has now disclosed the motives of Motorola to launch a gold edition of Moto 360 under Lenovo’s reign.


Black and silver metal bands also popped up for $80 each before getting pulled, as did a silver Moto 360 with a brown leather strap. The watch is priced at  $299 and expected shipping time displayed for the entire lot was 1-2 month and suggests that soon the new watches will be put under spotlight officially.

If the price remains the same, this will pose a serious threat to the upcoming Apple Watch as well as the current best Android Wear smart watch- the LG Smart Watch! The champagne gold version oozes class and will definitely scream for attention.

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