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Microsoft introduces its fitness wearable, “Microsoft Band”

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Microsoft has officially unveiled its new wearable fitness device named “Microsoft Band” and will go on sale from Thursday at a price tag of $200.

The device focused on fitness purpose also offers some smartphone features such as email messages, calendar reminders, phone calls, Twitter and Facebook notifications, weather and stock information.
Microsoft also introduced a new cloud-based health service known as Microsoft Health to support its new wearable device.


The band is equipped with 10-sensor fitness tracker that includes optical heart rate sensors, 3-axis accelerometers with a gyroscope to track movement, GPS, skin temperature, galvanic skin response presumably to measure sweating, ambient light and UV light, and a microphone so it can be used with Microsoft’s voice assistant Cortana on Windows Phone.

The display comprises of a 1.4-inch touchscreen at just 320 x 106 resolution, and is powered by two 100 mAh lithium-ion batteries that would last up to 2 days. The device is designed to support multiple mobile platforms like iOS, Android and Windows Phone and for now will be available for sale in US and UK only.


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