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MacBook owners filed a class-action lawsuit against Apple over 2011 MacBook Pro graphics failures

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A class action lawsuit was filed in a California federal court against Apple, alleging a defect affecting Apple’s premium 2011 MacBook Pro laptops. The defect striked the laptops’ graphical performance, causing graphical distortion and eventually totally system failure.

The firm of Whitfield, Bryson & Mason LLP announced on Tuesday that it has filed a class-action complaint in a California federal court against Apple. Till now 3 MacBook Pro users have participated in this severe action against Apple as a result of the refusal to pay for the repair by the company.

The lawsuit alleges that the defect in the 2011 MacBook Pro laptops is a cause of the lead-free solder used to connect one of the computer’s graphics processing chips to the main circuit board. Lead-free solder, which Apple uses because of E.U. regulations prohibiting traditional solders, is more brittle than traditional solder. The rapid and frequent temperature changes inside the laptop cause the brittle lead-free solder to crack, resulting in graphical instability issues, such as distortion,banding and a complete system failure when the cracks in the solder propagates over time.

Complaints about the graphics cards in these machines began shortly after the 2011 MacBooks went on sale. Apple responded with a software update and promised that it would improve the software stability but was quite useless as the problem still persisted.

Apple, outside the warranty of machine, offers the replacement of the logic board only  that would cost  between #300 to $600 which is enough to shake an economic man’s pocket. A number of users even complained that Apple didn’t cover the repair even when they’ve bought the extended warranty.

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