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Microsoft introduces new Trackpad Gestures and and multi-monitor snapping to Windows 10

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At Microsoft’s TechEd Europe 2014 conference today, Joe Belfiore showed off the new trackpad features that will soon be available to Windows 10 Technical preview users.

Last week, Microsoft introduced a couple of new features that includes Battery Saver and the new Action Center via an update to Windows 10 technical Preview. Microsoft now has put their efforts to make this new entrant to the family of Windows more user friendly. A number of new trackpad gestures has been introduced that would save a lot of efforts and minimize the need of keyboard clicks.

Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore explained:

In the past touch pads on Windows have really been done very differently because OEMs do them. With Windows 10 we’re adding support for power users in a touch pad, where multiple finger gestures — which all of you power users learn — can make you really efficient.

The new gestures includes- a three-finger swipe down to minimize all active Windows; a three-finger swipe up to bring them back; another three-finger swipe up to open Windows’ new Task View feature (a bit like Apple’s Mission Control); and three finger swipes left and right to switch between apps. These gestures may sound familiar to Mac users because these gestures already exist in OS X.

Microsoft is also improving window snapping on multiple monitors.A new Windows 10 build (9865) with the ability to snap windows side-by-side on multiple monitors was demonstrated by Belfiore. The feature works by hovering apps in the center of the monitor split, and then slowly dragging them in the direction of the transparent snap window that appears.


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