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After WalMart and BestBuy, Major Drug Stores shun Apple Pay

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Following a number of US retailers, drug store chain Rite Aid Corp. and CVS Health Corp. have now decided to terminate the use of Apple Pay at their stores, Reuters reported.

Apple Pay debuted on October 20 , allowing customers to pay through iPhone instead of credit cards or cash. The journey for Apple Pay has not been smooth so far.

According to the report, Rite Aid and CVS are a part of Merchant Customer Exchange(MCX) which is almost set to unleash a rival payment system called as CurrentC, due next year.

Apple pay is a strong competition to this new payment system that uses a QR code generated at merchant’s end to make the payment through and might not make it to the headlines if Apple Pay dominates at the stores.

Though Rite Aid and CVS did not team up with other retailers to support Apple Pay, the payment system was still used at the stores this week which has now been shut off.


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