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Google’s CEO has handed over the power of Google’s key services to Sundar Pichai

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Sundar Pichai, senior vice president at Google who is already managing Android and Chrome, will now control almost every other Google product division of the company.

Google’s CEO, Larry Page has put Sundar Pichai in charge of Google’s core services that includes search, maps, Google+, commerce, advertising and infrastructure. Six executives who previously reported to Page, including the heads of research, social media and search, will now report to Pichai instead of Page. However, YouTube will not be affected by new acquisition of posts and CEO Susan Wojcicki will report directly to Page.

Page, by handing over the responsibilities of Google’s core services to Pichai,  will now focus at a “bigger picture” and will continue to manage Google’s business and operations. Earlier, Pichai was also considered as a potential CEO for Microsoft Inc. and now juggles almost equivalent responsibility and power.

Pichai, who has been largely recognised as the man behind Android’s success, for most part of his career, has recently been showing prescience in most of google’s launch events. Be it the Android One launch, or the Google I/O this year, Pichai has been the face of Google for quite some time now. You may never know, as to when he gets promoted to a post, which suits more of his current stature (if you know what we mean ).

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