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Update to Windows 10 technical preview inherits notification center from Windows mobile OS

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It’s been three weeks since the release of Windows 10 technical preview and Microsoft has planted a new update to this pre released operating system. The new update somehow drifts the structure of the new windows towards the mobile OS of Windows phone.

The recent update of Windows 10 tech preview inherits the notification center from Windows mobile platform. All the updates and notifications will be available at this one place and will save a lot of your efforts that included hopping from one tile to another.

Datasense which is useful in keeping a track of Wi-Fi and cellular data sage, has also been added in order to warn users and prevent extra data usage. Battery saver has also been topped up to limit background activities during a low battery condition.

One or two animations also made their entrance to this technical preview and Microsoft will keep adding more and more changes to it with every new update until they come up with a final version and make it a public release.

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