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[UPDATE] Bank of America apologizes for Apple Pay Glitch, says Apple not involved

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In some recent transactions made through Apple Pay, customers have been doubled charged following a glitch in this new mode of payment, reported Wall Street Journal.

Apple Pay debuted on Monday and was promised to be a revolutionary technical advancement. However, a number of Bank of America customers had to pay twice for a single purchase made through Apple Pay. The bank realised the glitch soon and initiated the refund.

Tara Burke, spokeswoman for Bank of America said-

We apologise for the inconvenience and are correcting this immediately.

In order to prevent their users from switching to other banks, a number of banks and financial institutions signed onto Apple Pay and adopted this mode of payment.

The current glitch, which involves at least a payment network (and not Apple) and the bank has affected some 1000 transactions, and the bank has already started refunding the double-charged customers.

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