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Xiaomi is moving International users’ data to servers out of China

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Chinese smart-phone maker Xiaomi announced that the company will soon migrate International users’ data to the servers outside of China.

Xiaomi will finish moving data from the servers in in Beijing to Amazon Inc.’s data centers in California and Singapore by the end of this month.This recent step aims to enhance Xiaomi’s services to its international users and mainly assure data privacy which was recently raised for questioning.

A report from security company F-Secure found that Xiaomi shared some of user’s data with a server in China which raised multiple concerns among users regarding data privacy. The device’s IMEI number, customer’s phone number, phone contacts and text messages received were all shared with the Chinese server while the users were unacknowledged. Xiaomi’s  global vice president Hugo Barra said:

Our primary goal in moving to a multi-site server architecture was to improve the performance of our services for Mi fans around the world… At the same time, it also better equips us to maintain high privacy standards and comply with local data protection regulations. This is a very high priority for Xiaomi as we expand into new markets over the next few years.

In countries such as India and Brazil, where Amazon’s cloud services are not yet available, Xiaomi will be working with local data center providers to set up their service infrastructures.

The migration will affect international users, those in China will continue to use local servers in the country.

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