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iOS 8.1 to roll out on Monday with a handful of new features

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The iOS 8.1 public release will roll out on 20 October as announced by Apple executives in the recently concluded iPad event.

The iOS 8.1, which is the first major update to iOS 8, brings a bunch of bug-fix updates, offers a handful of new services including Apple Pay, and unlocks access to advanced features of Continuity such as SMS Relay and Instant Hotspot.

Instant Hotspot feature will make possible to remotely activate an iPhone’s Personal Hotspot capabilities via a Mac which is in range with the iPhone. Users can now access and connect to automatically detected hotspots of an iPhone via Mac’s Wi-Fi menu without having to authorise the connection on the iPhone.

Till now, the access of the messages received on an iPhone were limited to the same device only. SMS relay feature built into iOS 8.1 will enable relay access on both Macs and iPads as the message will get routed or forwarded to these devices via user’s iPhone. In addition, users will now be able to respond to their messages without having to completely rely on the iPhone as was the case with iOS 8.

Apple Pay will bring a unifying experience of making online payments with hundreds of retailers and various banks without having to input a dozen of entries. A tap on the Touch Id will be enough to complete the transaction.

Along with the debut of some exciting Continuity features, iOS 8.1 will also see the return of Camera Roll feature which vanished from the OS after release of iOS 8. Apart from the major updates, iOS 8.1 is also expected to fix all those bugs, which used to happen with the iOS 8.0.1 and iOS 8.0.2 releases.

As for the download process of the new update, its the usual drill. The update will automatically pop-up in your Software updates section under Settings tab. Just click to download. Stay Tuned, as we bring a full review of the latest update. Meanwhile, share your views about the new update, in the comments section below.

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