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Snapchat To launch Ads and news in its app this weekend

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Snapchat, a popular app that allows people to share self-destructing photos,videos and messages, will begin displaying advertisements and news by this weekend into the list of recent messages section of its users.

Snapchat held talks with advertisers and media companies in recent weeks about a service called Snapchat Discovery that would show content and ads to Snapchat users. The ad will run just like a Snapchat story, it’ll be live for 24 hours then will disappear.

The ads sent by Snapchat will be on random basis unlike Facebook’s and Google’s strategy to show ads according to the information they have gathered about their users.

Users won’t be forced to watch an ad before looking at story content, though. The ad will live as its own update in the app. Users can watch it if they feel like it, the company said.

The company has said users were sending 700 million photos and videos to each other per day.The company’s rapid growth caught the attention of Facebook, which offered $3 billion to buy the firm last year and was declined by Snapchat executives. The ads service will make its debut in US this weekend but it’s not clear who the first advertiser will be.

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