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No more Bose products on Apple’s online Store

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Apple has reportedly pulled down all the Bose products from its online store amidst growing rivalry between Beats and Bose.

Bose’s QuietComfort series and speakers including the SoundLink Mini and SoundLink III are no more found on Apple’s web storefront. Apple recently acquired the uber-popular headphone company Beats for $3 billion. Bose had claimed that Beats had infringed on their patented noise cancellation technology in their headphones.The settlement between the two companies asked the U.S. Trade Commission to stop their investigations of the original claim.

The NFL is sponsored by Bose, and several players have been fined for wearing Beats at NFL games and other league-related events.

A search for “Bose” on the Apple online store now leads you to other non-related items. It is expected that Bose products will vanish from Apple’s retail stores as well in the coming days. This move was anticipated by MacRumors last week which has now turned true.


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