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Vodafone India solicits for immediate Spectrum allocation

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Vodafone India has requested the Department of Telecommunications for an immediate allocation of the spectrum that it won in a government supervised auction held in February along with an extended six months validity.

Vodafone, which won spectrum in the February auction by committing Rs 19,644.72 crore, is yet to be assigned radio-wave frequencies used for transmitting mobile signals.

Vodafone in a media advisory note said:

Vodafone India has formally requested the DoT and regulator TRAI for immediate allotment of the 1800 MHz spectrum, which it had won in auctions. Only 7 weeks are left, when as per DoT, the presently deployed spectrum in 900 MHz is to be replaced by 900 MHz won in auctions.

In Delhi Vodafone that uses 8MHz in the 900 MHz band won only 5 MHz and must accordingly migrate users to the 1800 MHz (2G) band. Vodafone’s licences for telecom services in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata are due to expire in November.

The company said that under the current situation, with very little time left and spectrum frequencies not assigned on the prescribed date might lead to service disruptions worse than ever before.


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