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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg inaugrates Internet.org in India

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Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday launched global Internet project called Internet.org  in India aiming to slash down the prices and make Internet access affordable globally.

We earlier reported on Zuckerberg’s plan to visit New Delhi for 2 days. Zuckerberg at the first Internet.org summit held in Delhi said:

More than a billion Indians are not connected to the Internet, which means that they do not have equal opportunity. We believe connectivity is a human right. India is an amazing country with unlimited potential. It is a place of big ambitions and Facebook is deeply committed to the country. We see lot of growth for us here. Tomorrow I’m meeting the Prime Minister. I am really excited about his Digital India campaign. He is committed to connecting villages online and we are excited to see how Facebook can help.

The project was globally announced in August last year and aims to bring Internet connectivity to the two-thirds of the global population that is not connected. According to Zuckerberg, Facebook is working extensively to enhance connectivity in rural India. Facebook is making a $1 billion fund to help developers develop apps for farmers, migrants and women in local languages.

Zuckerberg said, the recent survey showed that 69 percent of people in India said they didn’t know why it would be useful for them. He talked about who the internet was useful for, listing expectant mothers and students as examples among others.

“India has shown the ability to make these leaps,” he said, adding, “The Green Revolution helped hundreds and millions out of poverty, and the computer revolution made India one of the only countries in the world to send a probe to Mars.

We shall see what more can be accomplished when Zuckerberg meets the Prime Minister tomorrow. The entire presentation can be viewed here:

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