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Former employee accuses Infosys for wrongful termination and flouting Visa practices

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Jack B. Palmer, a former employee of Infosys recently filed another lawsuit against India’s second-largest software and outsourcing company’s ‘s visa practices.

Jack Palmer, employed by Infosys in Alabama as a project manager filed a lawsuit on Thursday in a New Jersey court that he had been discriminated against because he pointed out company’s flouting US visa rules. He proclaimed that Infosys was writing false invitation letters for B-1 visas for Indian employees and said that he was asked to write one and he refused. The short-term B-1 visa is meant for employees who are travelling to consult with associates, attend training or a convention and not for full-time jobs.

Mr. Palmer says, he has been harassed by superiors and co-workers, jilted from the assignments, shut out of the company’s computers, denied bonuses and even hounded by death threats. He filed a lawsuit in August 2012 when he first suspected the fraud visa practices but the case was dismissed in Alabama state court. Palmer stated:

They wanted to buy my silence, and I wouldn’t do it. I did it because they were violating the law.

Infosys is continuously denying Mr. Palmer’s accusations and is fighting his lawsuit in federal court in Montgomery. Ted Bockius, an Infosys spokesman, said

Any allegation or assertion that there is or was a corporate policy of evading the law in conjunction with the B-1 visa program is simply not accurate.

Last year, Infosys paid $34 million to end an investigation related to the widespread practice by Indian firms of flying workers to client sites in the United States on temporary visas.

In his latest lawsuit, Jack Palmer is seeking to force the company to rehire him and compensate him for the losses he had incurred in the past. However, the lawsuit didn’t mention the amount he is seeking as a compensation.

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